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me: lol, totally!
xse: thatโ€™s actually a good idea, for someone whoโ€™s not a person!


Iโ€™m a master at logic. If someone accuses me of being from another religion thatโ€™s constantly being made fun of, I can disprove that, calmly, with logic.


Such as Muslims?
I hope your saying that you donโ€™t make fun of it other peeps do.
Bc Iโ€™m Muslim.


But what if I said you were unreligious??

Iโ€™m not unreligious, itโ€™s just an example

Or if you believed in the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster (which is a real religion somehow)


Iโ€™m pretty much unreligious.


Do you dislike Muslims though?


No. Iโ€™m fine with them.


But what if I said it was a bad thing? How could you respond to that?

Iโ€™m just wondering, Iโ€™m not saying itโ€™s a bad thing


Definitely not me! I have a lot of friends who are Muslim.


Why are we having a religious conversation again?
Xse? Idk


Iโ€™d say that thatโ€™s completely illogical, and explain why.


Okay, awesome @yaygirls, @Healeybot1
LGBOT, everyone
though I kinda started the off-topicnessโ€ฆ


Hey, itโ€™s all goochie :ok_hand:
I think thereโ€™s actually a religious debate topic? Idk
(Or is it political or something idk)


It is, actually.


@discobot fortune :crystal_ball:
Will Xse be gone anytime soon???


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


That was dumb luuuuck!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


He just struck again on Scratch. I reported him. Twice.


Whyโ€™s he on Scratch? Is he just trying to make your life miserable?