Forum Users Being Impersonated! -- Problem *Not* Fixed ๐Ÿ‘Œ



Hey @HeaIeybot1 hnu is impersonating you. Watch out.


Or write it in all caps in case someoneโ€™s still says they are actual user not fake.


Now thatโ€™s cool


But heโ€™s still going under the name HealeyIbot1
Which makes it confusing for us since we didnโ€™t know it was a capital (I think until we saw it on the user homepage, or guessing)


This is scaring me, I donโ€™t want this to ever happen to anyone ever again. :open_mouth:


Yeah! This hnu person os being really mean to this guy! Heโ€™s pretending to be him!


I mean Iโ€™m an oldie here on the forum been here ages tbh when I joined this same stuff was happening it always will because there will always be someone wanting to upset someone else for no reason just stick together and be optimistic, people will give up being mean if your all happy and there not getting attention. Ye.


But we still need to warn everyone that this is happening so that they donโ€™t all of a sudden think their friend is suddenly swearing. That would be a nasty surprise if you didnโ€™t know :frowning:

But I agree, more attention makes them want to do it more, but this is a different kind of attention


The font actually is slightly different for the new users, its gray instead of black


Yeah, isnโ€™t that interesting :thinking:
Is it because heโ€™s a (basic user)/(new user)

Itโ€™s the trust level 0 (or 1??)


No he is trust level one now


Yep! Itโ€™s really a confusing situation, which is the goal of the bully. Itโ€™s very unfortunate :frowning:


Ok, but heโ€™s still a basic user, so I guess thatโ€™s why is gray-ish? Idk


Hey! Thanks to the 25 people who voted on the vote! It really means a lot! :smile:


No prob! This topic is awesome! I didnโ€™t know that @Healeybot1 was being impersonated, thanks for telling everyone!
@HeaIeybot1, we know you are an impersonator!


He isnโ€™t even doing it in a very convincing way.


Thumbs up and a cake for this topic :smile:
I would never have noticed that, and impersonating someone and doing bad things and being mean isnโ€™t okay. It is more obvious to look at the users stats though to reveal it, because I had a pretty hard time noticing the difference and without you pointing it out, I would never have guessed it. The difference is small. Really small.


I know! Heโ€™s even cursing!
If I impersonated a user, I would make it much less obvious.
But i havent and hopefully never will.


Thanks @RavenclawGirl and @William04GamerA!
I really appreciate it, guys :smile:

We need all the support we can get
Itโ€™s a big toughy


He shouldโ€™ve learned actual logic and disproven his own nonsense with actual logic, then went to rethink his life.