Forum Users Being Impersonated! -- Problem *Not* Fixed ๐Ÿ‘Œ



Yeah, I think itโ€™s just that he reads fast. NLGBOT and I think you should turn of your device and sleep.


That sounds like a swell idea
See yโ€™all later in a couplet of hours


DThey should change it to a monospace font like in preformatted text IlIlIl


You should be one of the presidents of a anti- cyber companies! :slight_smile:


That would make a ton of sense, actually!


Thanks so much! I really appreciate it :smile:


Wait test hello @JohnnyGamer

Awe the font tag doesnt work


Itโ€™s because you added an โ€œhโ€


Or does it cancel out the text?

I ran out of edits :/
I didnโ€™t know that was possible!


yeah but itโ€™s pointless for you to be impersonating Healybot1!

Dude why would you want to hack some innocent persons account just to be a jerk and annoy everyone??

i wouldโ€™ve said more but theres young kids on this forum soooooo ._.


is there other people being impersonated


Nah, just him
(His account isnโ€™t hacked, thankfully)


ok good to know


Yeah, thatโ€™s the reason I made this topic, so that people would get a heads up on whatโ€™s been poppinโ€™


Idk ill check later leaving for school


Alrighty! See ya later!





@Heaieybot1 always write it lowercase. Then u can see the mishaps

And what I would do is ummm memorize your friendโ€™s usernames so you can easily just type it.


Oooh! Nice going! @jonnygamer
I didnโ€™t know caps didnโ€™t matter :open_mouth:


Yup youโ€™re weIcome! Easy to mess up.


Happy cake day by the way!