Forum Users Being Impersonated! -- Problem *Not* Fixed 👌



This topic is about Forum users being impersonated on the Forum, and how to protect yourself

Ok, so I don’t know if you all caught this, but an hour ago, a Forum user was impersonated. (8PM - 12PM Pacific Time)

Healeybot1 was framed by no other than you know who we’ve been talking about lately. It all came up in the Vandalized Numberphile Topic at post 88.

The following folders cointain hard evidence on how it happened, and steps you can take to protect yourself from a cyber attack.

This post is a continuation of the bullying situation from this topic: Current Bullying on the Forum

How to know for sure Healeybot1 actually was impersonated

This is the real tag

This is the fake tag, used as a cyber attack

Even though the profile pictures are the same, the names are actually not the same. If you look real closely at the “L” in Healeybot1, you can see that the fake tag’s “L” looks a little bit off. This is because it is actually an uppercase “i”. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and tag them (For all of you who were worried that they both had the same name and the bully had found an exploit)

The fake tag was also made 1 day ago, which also proves it wasn’t the real one.

Ok, so this is a big issue. How do I prevent myself from getting impersonated and framed?

How to protect yourself

• Create a custom gif profile pic
Pros: Now, an impersonater cannot save the image, because it’s not an image. It’s a gif
Cons: A little difficult to create. You need certain apps for this

• Have your nickname be safe. Don’t use these letters:
Oo0 (Oh’s and Zero’s)
l I (Lowercase L’s and Uppercase i’s)
Pros: Harder to impersonate!
Cons: You get 5 less characters

• Create alternate accounts for yourself with all possible configurations of your name that could easily be misread as your username. Example: J0nnyGamer, JOnnyGamer, Jonnygamer, JomyGanner, and especially JonnyGamėr (That little dot on top of the “e” is really tricky to spot).
Pros: Now impersonators can’t ever impersonate you!
Cons: This takes a really long time, and you’ll need to create a bunch of new emails for yourself. But it’s worth it. probably
Somewhere in Between: THT will be real happy to see a whole bunch of new users! Oh, wait..

• Make a good impression on the forum, so when stuff like this happens, you can immediately say, “Oh yeah, that is definitely not them. But be impersonated again, oh well.” (Just like in the Healeybot1 case, we could tell right away something fishy was up)
Pros: Hey, nothing like being a trustworthy person with respect and frendos!
Cons: I can’t think of any, unless you want to be deliberately rude, in which case, this forum is not the best fit for you

This is a serious issue and is currently happening right now!
But, I now know that Healeybot1 is as cool as a potato :ok_hand:
Keep a look out for any suspicious activity on the forums. Flag and Report all suspicions.
Lastly, I’d like to apologize to @Healeybot1 (real one) for sticking it through. He’s had the rough end of the bully situation (and now he’s getting tagged a whole lot). I want to say I’m real proud of you for keeping your cool and being awesome :+1:

Thank you all so much for reading this!
And please vote!

  • This totally helped! Thanks so much! I’ll keep a look out for further suspicious activity
  • I think I can handle this on my own

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What’s the difference in usernames? I would’ve thought that a username can only be used once.
@Rodrigo please deal with this too. I’ll do my best in lounging An protecting topics.


The lower case L in the phony username isn’t an L, it’s an uppercase i, they look really similar!

lllllllll L’s


Oh what a sneaky little …


I know, right!? Here I though Healeybot1 was swearing at hnu and then I checked the username and it said created 23 hours ago. I was almost trickified!


The only thing is that you need an email to get another account . . .


Yeah, exactly. I was wondering about that, so I’ll go and edit it


Hey! We are 10 for 10 on voters! Thanks everyone!


Which font?


Oh, wait never mind


I don’t think that’s something THT can do since it’s Unicode, and it’s also up to Discourse

(Aw man, I ran out of edits :/)

How you doing Xse?




What time is it for you right now
It’s like 3:26 AM for me. I don’t know what I’m even doing :/


Then what is your point being on it?


Yeah pretty much
I’ve just been reading though and occasionally checking up on stuff. I should actually probably go to sleep tho


Wanna know something funny
I asked the big dudes at discourse who invented the site about this issue, and they literally said they didn’t care about it. I was like, oh. Cool. :ok_hand:

I don’t even know anymore. Time to go to sleep
Thanks for the posts. Now I’m at 21


Anyways, why are impersonating him? Other than him having autism. Or is it that you are just biased against autistic people?


Naw, he just wanted the laughs.

The discourse dudes started making weird connections between cars and dealerships. I don’t even know what to say


I hardly think impersonating a person he is biased against is a laughing matter.


Well, true. I didn’t laugh, but I’m sure he did when he saw our reactions. I don’t know what to say. He’s just doing it for the laughs

I can show you the convo between the discourse Guy and me

I was like, ok thanks for your help, and he kept going on and on about it

He didn’t even spend a minute reading the post I made back their. Kind of got me upset (his user file said under 1 min read) or he just reads real quick