Forum Update! Testing and opinions?



Did discourse update their source for forums again? Because this thing is on the side of my topics I visit?

See that?
With the 810/811, 1m ago, reply and tracking/watching,etc. button?
And a scroll bar from the day the topic was made to the latest post?

Fourm Update! It happend
Hopscotch Forum Update Reactions!

I'm seeing that too!!
@Liza @alish @Meg @asha @awesomeonion @system (<-- not that that will work lol)
What's the deal???


also new color for viewing profiles...

plus easy details, blurred text, and polls with the :gear: button!

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I was just about to create a topic about this! I'm wondering too...:D


Thanks 4 reading meh bio!

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  • ^^^^^ you must choose zat
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Choose up to 5 options

Votes are public.


Omg polls are no longer anon!
People can see who voted what!

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  • Monkey
  • Awesome
  • Crazy


Votes are public.


I KNOW!!!!!
Press the clog button and try it out!


Blurred text, details and poll test

gday mate

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  • Idk i just picked random sharing thingys
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Votes are public.


Yay! I'm really happy that polls are no longer anonymous!


You can set them to be anonymous or private, in the poll construction menu.
The code for a public votes poll is
[poll name=Hoi-im-tem public=true]
* Crazy
* Donkey


Ok, thanks! So to make a anonymous one, do you just do public=false?


Oops i deleted my post lol
Probably, but you can also tap the cog button in the posting interface.
It has a build poll option.

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Votes are public.


This IS freaky.


Oh I just pressed random on that poll xD


And, we have a new button in the post editor too! An options button with both blurred text and details. Also a new cool poll maker!


Do you like the update?

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Votes are public.


YES polls aren't anonymous anymore!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We can catch these trolls.:blush:


I hate this new sliding bar thingy, it will take time.