Forum Tutorial for Beginners


Hi guys!
I decided that I should start a series to help YOU navigate through the forum. I am still working out some of the details of when to post in this series, so I will only start it early next week. However, the basic idea behind it is that when I first came on the forum, I was SO confused. I knew the concept behind it and it’s function, but I was uncertain of anything else. I kept getting messages saying I was LOCKED out, and I was a mess. I tried looking through posts on the forum that would help, but none of them really ANSWERED my question, were explained clearly, and most of them just described a little portion of the forum. NOT the whole thing. And yes, I did try looking through THH posts, and other posts that are made by the company itself, and I realized that I needed an opinion of a forumer. How it works, what to do, what not to do. THAT’S the point of the forum!

To gain more research to start this series, I have 2 polls for you to complete! Please do so:

This poll is about this whole idea in general!

  • This idea stands no chance.
  • This idea has a chance. You just need to change your ideas a bit.
  • The idea has a chance. You just need to change your ideas a lot.
  • This idea has a HUGEEE chance! PLEASE DO IT!

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This poll is about WHEN I should post on the series!

  • Put out a post from the series weekly
  • Put out a post from the series daily
  • Put out a post from the series every other week
  • Put out a post from the series monthly

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PLZ comment down below any questions, comments, ideas, feedback, suggestions, ETC!
Collaborate on ideas with other forumers! This is a very collaboriative series and is for you anyway, so you guys should have a say on what you want to see on the series!

Thanks for reading!


my question is would it be exclusivly you makeing the things or would other pepole help


I think your help would be a great addition to completing the @discobot tutorials. Communicating with an actual person would be super helpful


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


This is a really good idea and it would be a nice addition to the other forum tutorials out there.


Alright people!
The polls are in! Most of you want me to post on the series weekly! The majority of you also said that this idea has a chance, but some of the ideas have to be revamped and rethought. My second question for you is: What do YOU want changed? Since this is a series for forumers and for you, you guys can totally comment down below what I said that should be changed!

@PartTimeFemale - I will be creating the posts, however YOU guys can comment down below what sort of forum tutorials you want to see each week after the first post goes live! All of you OGS out there can always help out in the comments! So I will be CREATING and wording the tutorials, however you guys are sort of the basis for it!

@William04GamerA - Thank you! :smile:

@MelodiousParrot - I am a bit confused on what discobot is. If you mind explaining it, it would be a huge help!


@Swati_Bang I think multiple people should be making posts for this.


@Yusamac205 - I am sorry, what do you mean? :smile:


Get help with this, or you won’t succeed.


@Yusamac205 - Thanks for the suggestion!

Would any of you guys like to collaborate with me on some of these posts? Let me know!

  • Yes! It would be cool if we got to collaborate!
  • Nah! I think you should just do it!
  • I still think you should forget about this idea.

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Quoted from discobots profile:
Hi, I’m not a real person. I’m a bot that can teach you about this site.

Basically you can tag discobot and then give it a command. Some of these include guiding you through either a beginner or advanced user tutorial of the forum. Tasks may include liking a post, creating a post or adding a link to a post.


Ok, so did you get anyone to join you?


yall if u were here before discobot was added…

theres now basically a thing where discobot tells u how to do stuff

its automatic when u join or u can say
@discobot start new user

it PMs u


Well, if there are other sources and programs, like discobot, there is no point in creating another source. Thank you though!!