Forum Tournaments = Plagiarism?



Hi there! So recently, I have found out there is an increasing amount of forum tournaments. You are allowed to create a tournament, and I don't think you have to give credit.
But whyyyy, F4LO?
Well, you can't just say I created the tournaments first, give me credit
It doesn't work that way. We know that the first humans animals organisms on earth probably fought each other. It's "Every man/woman for him/herself." They fought for food, and other resources. If you were too slow, then you were eliminated.
Then in 1896, a sports tournament was made. The Olympics.


Technically it doesn't count as plagiarism. I created a "riddle competition" in December, and I'm not asking people to "give me credit".

Hopscotch is a community, and we learn from each other. Tournaments/competitions are a neat way to do that!


Saw dat edit :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you aren't talking about how @RenegadeBird1 (I think) gave me credit for the 30-day drawing thingy, are you?


That's what I want to say.


What? XD
No, it's some current events that happened today,


Also, that comma needs to be a period :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree with this!
Anybody is allowed to make a tournament, just not everybody can join!


I agree! :D

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Fixes table.

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lol! I have seen people accuse other people of stealing code when they actually coppied the code from someone too! I cannot tell you how many times I have seen that! :joy:


That's amazing.




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And that means non leaders can do it too
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Was that a Darwin quote? Sorry. Off topic. But yeah, I completely agree!


Great topic! I guess we could still give credit if we wanted, but it's not mandatory.

Say I make a competition, and not everybody gets in, so @LazyLizard_Backup makes one for people who didn't get in. She would probably say "This is for people who didn't make @LazyLizard's competition and would be interested in competing" is the right thing to say in a situation like this.