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Hey guys!
So, I have been doing some exploring on the forum, and realized that so many people have NO IDEA what to post. I saw some accounts that are just chatrooms, some people use the forum just to announce a new topic, and no one is REALLY discussing about code! Of course, not all accounts and topics are like that, but I just wanted to talk about this!

If you are one of those people, I just wanted you to fill out this poll to see where the problem lies:

  • I don’t know WHAT to post, so I just make chatrooms.
  • I think chatrooms are more fun than coding posts.
  • I am barely on the forum and have no time to construct an actual coding post, so I just make chatrooms.
  • Other: please list in comments below.

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After doing the research, I will post a part 2 trying to explain more in depth!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow my Hospcotch account, Swati_Bang! Today since I have some free time i am trying to finally get to posting some code up there! Please fill out the polls and comment down below some other thoughts you have on this topic! Give this post a like! :smile:



I barely post anymore but I mean some times I’m come out with a new GT or club or something. I’ll still create coding related topics when I need help or am creating a major game…


I sometimes discuss coding stuff on my GT (extremely rare though)
chat rooms can be fun…


Of course chatrooms can be fun, @Gobli09, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting them on your account! They are better served here than flooding Hopscotch! I think chatrooms are pretty awesome because you can talk about things beside Hopscotch and interact with other coders!

But, it is always great to post coding-related topics as well!


I think coding is WAY more fun then chatting with random people online ;D


I do about 50/50 code and chat
most of my coding chat is not hopscotch


I try to keep the coding subject up rather than chat but it’s kinda hard, I think the forum should be more for art and hopscotch less art more code


All of these answers are super valid and make sense!
I really want to hear from more of you guys, so keep em coming!