Forum Topic Category Bug



Well, for some reason, whenever I edit a topic title, in the category section, it doesn’t show the category names. Only the amount of topics in that category and the description, which makes things difficult. I am on mobile on an iPhone.
Screen shot:

As you can see, the category tab is dropped down but none of the names are appearing. This only happens when editing, though. Whilst I’m making this topic, I can see the category name.


Same thing with me


yeah it does that


it does that sometimes

I just deal with it tho


This Happens with me too


I haven´t really done that too much and I´m often on the forum on an iPad or a computer, so I can´t really say something about this.


Same as @William04GamerA, I always access the forum on my laptop, so I can’t really comment on any mobile bugs.


Same. Happens every time I edit a topic title.