Forum Tagging Bug


Hello, it's KatrinaPlays!
Trying to be normal

So I was making a topic on my iPad as usual, and then I wanted to make a tag, but it wasn't available! And its a tag I used already.

Anybody else experiencing this?

I already said this on my general topic, but why not again? XD


When the forum updated, some tags were removed. :D

EDIT: Wait, I tried it once and it didn't show up, I tried again and the tag did.


It shows up now, but it says an error occurred when I try to click it. :frowning:


Hmm... are you sure you can't make/use older tags?


Neither existing nor new tags work for me. I've been trying to add some tags for @TheRealBlah but they just disappear


Same with me!


This happened last night, I think this is it.


You have to be a Regular to make tags.


It's not making the tags, there's a restriction on what tags can be used in the help category. Those tags have been used before.