Forum Tag Cleanup! Announcement + Updates

Hey Hopscotchers,

We are going to be reforming our tag system, and we will be removing a lot of old tags to start this process. This will involve editing a lot of topics in the (especially in the #deprecated category), so you may receive some notifications for a few of the topics we’re removing tags from. Thank you for your patience!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or in the Leaders Q and A Topic

~ The Leadership Team

Latest Status Update: 2022-02-24T08:00:00Z

More Details and FAQ

Some tags will be used officially to indicate the status of a topic — for example, whether competition is still open or a bug report is being fixed.

We’re still leaving user tags, which let others set topics to Watching/Tracking and so on.

We will be cleaning up old tags that aren’t used often — i.e. tags that have 2 uses or less. This will make it easier to browse tags on

:bulb: Heads up: There may be a lot of edit notifications over the next few days, while the tags are being organised.


Update: You will temporarily be unable to create tags so that we don’t accidentally delete it in our cleaning. That would be more work both for us and for you. That being said, you can still add existing tags to your topics :)


What will be happening in #announcements?


There aren’t really many tags to begin with in announcements. We may add or remove a few tags, but I would expect it to look pretty much the same as it does now.


can you keep user specific tags?




Update: There are now significantly less tags on the forum now. You should also be able to find topics using the tag selector (image below), and topics should be more relevant under each tag. We have also completely cleaned up all prior tags in the #hopscotch-bugs category and will be writing a guide on how the new tag system will work in that category.

We are still working on reviewing older topics and tags and gathering consensus on new tag and category procedures. If you have any suggestions, please let us know, and thanks for your patience.


Update: We’ve made a massive overhaul to the #hopscotch-bugs category. Detailed explanations of the tags and subcateogries can be found here


Update: We’ve added a style to identify user tags from other tags, and we’re starting the process of renaming existing user tags so that they adopt this new style. Once we re-enable tag creation for TL3, you can create a user tag by adding a hypen (-) in front of the tag name.


I have old tags for my old usernames, if possible could you replace topics with older tags with the sandpiper tag and delete the others? If it’s too much work, it’s fine not to, I just thought I’d bring that to your attention that I have those ^


I merged #willowmoongames, let me know if there’s any more.


I believe there was an Astros tag at one point


I can’t find it, so it must have been removed already. But if you want, you can still add your new tag to old topics


Gotcha. Thank you!


Update: We have updated all user tags to looks like this in a post: #-awesome_e, and they should have a different color compared to normal tags. If you want to create your own user tag, just make the name of the tag start with a hyphen, i.e. -awesome_e.

Note: You have to be TL3 to create your own tag.