Forum Suggestions!

Hi guys!
I was just wondering if you guys have any suggestions for updating the forum. I have had a couple of ideas lately, and I was just wondering if you do too! If so, comment them down below, and maybe if we get enough we can share them with THH in a bulk, to make it easier for them.

Make sure you put all of your suggestions (if there are more than one) on just one comment to clean up the discussion space. Feel free to talk about your answers and ideas with others. Please stay on topic, and no profanity, harsh/inappropriate/controversial topics being stated. I will flag if I see anything and if you see anything please flag! Thank you!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment your forum ideas down below!


Hmm… the controversial topic thing is in itself controversial. People should be able to post their views on here- if those views are actually bad topics, we can talk again.


Like @Petrichor said, THT doesn’t update the forum. It’s run by Discourse. You should send your ideas to

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