Why does anything exist?


I’m being serious. I’m not joking around. I want an actual answer on why this topic exists. Right now it’s just seems like another “Hopscotch Guidlines” topic, there’s already a few of those. Also the title is useless (in my opinion). There has been enough reminders to be nice. So am I supposed to say SBYP?


Maybe you should cool your tone! :slight_smile:


Half of everyone’s topics have are useless. At least this one is just a friendly reminder to be nice.


Oh. I didn’t realize it sounded like I was getting worked up.


This topic is well written and really helpful! :+1: :clap:


Awesome, thanks so much. Great topic :+1:


This is an great topic! :grinning::+1:


It’s like my old reminders topic.
I wanted to spread more awareness.
I think it’s pretty meanigful.


I mean like the title… it doesn’t give information about the topic. The topic itself has already been made at least 3 times. So umm sybp? I don’t know anymore. I might just go out and get myself killed. Also I bet you already know this but meaningful is spelled m-e-a-n-i-n-g-f-u-l.


title change to Forum Rules (important)?

in #meta-forum?




The title?


22/10topic would recommend.





IDU. ;-;.