This topic is directed at everyone just as a reminder. (Some people know what I mean :wink:
Hello everyone!
My name is Smiling. To all of those who know me, nice to see you. To all of those who don’t, Hello and it is a pleasure to meet you! Do you want to be friends?
Anyways, credit goes to @MyPi for inspiring me to do this.
This is going to be long so watch out!

What to do in these conditions:
Spot a rule breaker? Tag them and give them the link to community guidelines
Spot someone posting something inappropriate? Take a screenshot just in case and e-mail it to THT or just quote them and tag a Leader+
Spot a new comer? Greet them!
Spot a flame war? If it’s severe call a Leader+! If not don’t get involved in it

The rules.
The main rules are on the community guidelines which is: Community Guidelines
Here are some others:

  • Try to be kind to anyone.
  • Be reponsible for your actions
  • Enjoy your stay here.
  • Think before you behave.

Here are some reminders.

  1. There are little kids on hopscotch!
    Hopscotch is played by many ranged from 4! Please do not type in bad words!
  2. Don’t beg for likes!
    Not many people are doing it now but please don’t beg for them. You earn it.
  3. Do not flag/report comments/project if it isn’t bad!
    Just because of jealousy or hatered, people flag or report. It just makes the work much more inconvinient for THT.
  4. Don’t be sad that you are not “popular”. (Thanks @lollypopcorn for spotting the mistake! :slight_smile: A mini shoutout to her!)
    Popularity isnt everything. You might get less likes then a particular person! Don’t worry about it! It’s only a game!
  5. Don’t post inappropriate (blood etc.) as GIFs.
    Some people are really disturbed by it. (Relates to 1. Too)
  6. Flame wars
    Flame wars are increasing! Too prevent this from happening you can…
  • Call a Moderater/Leader into it. List of them:
  • Change the topic
  • Just don’t get involved
    Even if you want to back someone up just ignore if you weren’t there in the first place unless it’s getting to cyber bullyin.g

If you are new here, read this!

Amazing topic!! It’s very organized and helpful :D


Your always so kind.
What we need as a role model!
Anyway. ANy tips before I make it public?
(It’s in lounge right now!)


Aww thanks so much!! :)
I think it’s amazing already ;D the only tip I have right now would be to change “populor” to “popular” (^-^)


Oh, oops!
Thanks for the tip!


No problem!! ;)


Also, thanks for the mini shoutout! XD :D


This is true! There are a lot more flame wars!


I read this BEFORE you tagged me.

Nice topic :ok_hand:




Can you spread it so everyone can become aware of what I have written here?

(Tag your friends etc.


Anyway, I find this topic very helpful. Great job!


Thanks for the credit, but my name is MyPi, not MiPi, so I didn’t get tagged.


Oh god.
That’s a typo.

Anyway, do you like Pi?


It’s okay, but how did I inspire you to do this?



Your topic!


Oh, okay! Thanks! This is a great topic by the way!




Should I add about not to get off topic too much?


Maybe. It is up to you! But getting off topic isn’t really much of a severe or important offense.


I’m too lazy to add it…


I’m confused on why this topic exists and why I had to be tagged.