Forum Rules And Helpful Guidance



Lately, I have been seeing a lot of closed topics and flagged posts, Why are these happening? I've been looking at them and for me this is a big problem for you it might be small. So I have decided to remind the Forum(ers) about Forum rules and a few other situations. I hope you find this instresting and helpful.

There are kids on Hopscotch and the Forum
Some of us are only kids. We don't just say Oooh I have a crush on you we are to young for that. There might be little kids on here saying I am a vampire you don't just say THAT IS A LIE I bet all of you have lied when you were young it is normal little kids do things like this just to make gossip or to have fun.

No useless flagging
People are sick of useless flagging, some people find this like a chance to destroy someone becoming a regular. THIS is NOT right! Fortunately, the Hopscotch Team have made a flag limit to prevent this from happening but still some people do this. You should see the MASSIVE art topic people flag uselessly all the time we must stop it. Today onwards don't flag uselessly it means nothing to you but it means ALOT for other people, Think of it as you are the person you are flagging, would YOU like it?

The Real Use of the Forum
Okay, a lot of topics are like 'hello bestie wanna chat?' The forum was made for Help and suggestions and sharing art. Don't make chat rooms or anything that is not going to help you are the community. That is the reason there is only the Help category in the main category spot. please remember this

Changing Your Personalities
I have been seeing this a lot. Recently, We got 2 new leaders this as caused a problem. People are changing their personalities to become Leaders. This will not help you become a leader did Follow4LikesOfficial stop trolling so he could become a leader NO he kept on trolling showing everyone his Good Humoured side so everyone would like him THAT are the true ways of becoming a regular.

The Wink Emoji
This relates to the becoming Leader thing. Lately leaders have been using :wink: emoji to help people and give advice. Know people are trolling the forums like Wink this is not NORMAL. This emoji is not for trolling the Forums we use that emoji for saying 'keep doing your thing' or 'understood' not for trolling! Let's keep it happy no too much trolling on here this IS a forum after all.

Getting OFF Topic
People are talking about non Hopscotch related things. A little bit is OK but not like 'OMG DID YOU SEE THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE. OMG OMG OMG I HAVE A CRUSH ON ------!!!' Keep stuff hopscotch related and stay on topic this is another reason why topics get closed or flagged. Stay on Topic Please

Hacker Problems
a lot of people have been getting hacked you can stop this. Get a few links to secure you password change your password every week or every month. I have been thinking logging in and out of accounts was a bad idea (Sometimes) because you couldn't log out of your account to hack someone . Here are is one more tip DON'T make your password PASSWORD !

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