Forum related projects!


@CreativeCoder suggested...

She asked me to make this, so here it is! You can post forum related projects or ideas here! :D

Edit open your ideas below!

Format: "(Project Topic)- (person making it)"
Just put "N/A" after the idea if you aren't doing it. Others can put their names in the "N/A" slot.

Ok I'm making a nudle project just cuz. -BD O.o


Here's another post about it..


Can't like so here! :heart:


Yay! This is going to be awesome. XD

maybe make it editable? :D


Really quick. Does anyone have the code for a duck?


Do you mean trail art? Then @Maltese made a really awesome duck trail art recently! :D


Yeah, not that. I meant a Chakin!


Then I don't know... :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Well I made this 9 weeks ago!


Nuu! I want to make the Chakin. ;n;


This is going to be fun XD
I almost feel sorry for the non-forumers :smiley:
I don't have any ideas on what I or somebody else could make yet. Hmm... :thinking:


We can both do a chakin.


I know, it's simple, but it is a peepified chakin...


Thanks! c:

I can change up the code on my duck project to make it look like a chakin if you want XD


Of course! Your duck chakin project is amazing!

Guys I had chakin for dinner. :scream::laughing:
(Chick fil a :D)


This is so great!

Time to confuzzle all the HSers who aren't here (:


Has no one suggested making forum tricks, such as polls?


I'm going to do a hospital, and every patient there has caught the like disease XD


jumps out of cake into topic
reads topic
Yaaaaaaas this will be amazing! I want to make something related to a dog with sunglasses and a disk. XD
silently tags @CreativeCoder