Forum Records Organization


So here we will compile lists of Forum Records. I did SBIP and there is another’s one but it is like an awards thing like Best ___ or whatever. This will be like “Most Viewed Profiles” and stuff like that. Once I feel like we have enough lists, I will make a topic with forum records. If you can please have one list per post and if’s you have regular please put it on Global Edit.

Example List-
Top 10 Most Viewed Profile
1.(Username Here)- # Views
2.(Username Here)- # Views
3.(Username Here)- # Views
4.(Username Here)- # Views
5.(Username Here)- # Views
6.(Username Here)- # Views
7.(Username Here)- # Views
8.(Username Here)- # Views
9.(Username Here)- # Views
10.(Username Here)- # Views

Please only make lists with a max of 10 entries. Make sure to tag me when you have one done!
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Maybe use those templates for the forum.


No I am doing top 10s


I have one
Please don’t tag anybody on this list, I don’t want to drown possibly important notifs with this

Most Amount of Posts Read

  1. CreativeCoder (1.2 Million)
  2. Dude73 (1 Million)
  3. Intellection74 (1 Million)
  4. GysvANDRegulus (1 Million)
  5. Me/SenseiCoder (982 Thousand)
  6. NindroidGames (964 Thousand)
  7. SmilingSnowflakes (902 Thousand)
  8. TheDrawer (883 Thousand)
  9. PandaBlossom (881 Thousand)
  10. Mathgirl (881 Thousand)


Look at this guys


Top 10 Most Likes Recieved By A User

  1. KVJ- 116,000 likes recieved
  2. Maltese- 80,500 likes recieved
  3. CreativeCoder- 79,500 likes recieved
  4. Dude73- 71,900 likes recieved
  5. XiaoMiaoMi- 70,900 likes recieved
  6. SmilingSnowflakes- 62,600 likes recieved
  7. Anonymous- 58,400 likes recieved
  8. Rawrbear- 57,700 likes recieved
  9. sophia71205- 46,000 likes recieved
  10. smishsmash- 45,000 likes recieved


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Sometimes they are off…by a lot


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Summaries are weird, mine I seem wrong too.

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