Forum Profile Pics and User Card Requests [FULFILLED REQUESTS COME WITH COOKIES]


A long time ago, I made a thread where I took requests for forum profile pics and user cards. I would revive that, but I can't edit it any more. So here.

If I am not available to take your request, tag @AgentUmmmmm.

Btw, you can use the form or just write a desc of what you want. Make sure to be detailed.


User Card or Profile Pic :
Type of Background :
Text :
Extra :




I'm an example :smiley:


Yes. You are. Congrats.


Here is my first pixlr picture :


This is so cool!

Type of Background : My profile pic now
Extra : none


Sorry, but I can't do gifs.


Add me to that long list!?




Th "offical mas tag list


@Nerd4Ever I won't be able to be on from 4-7 Eastern time cause of a camp. The hours after I'll be able to make profile pictures. :frowning:


i have requested something like this..sorry but i will bookmark this so when i need a new one i will have one!


Okay everyone! @Nerd4Ever and I are ready to take requests for custom profile pics and user cards!


Oh that's ok!


People can't add you to the official mass tag list. Search it up and add yourself!


? How i dont know how


Letter, number, or main symbol: Can it be two letters? If so, SA. If not, just a :) or :smile:
Main colors: blues, greens, and white.
Theme: idk you pick
Style: (normal, modern): modern? I dunno


Search up "The "Official" Mass Tagging Topic", tap the three dots at the end of the post, tap the pencil, and add yourself.


Letter, number, or main symbol: R
Main colours: Blie and Light Blue
Theme: bright??
Style: (normal, modern) modern


It's great! Thank you so much! :smiley:


hoi tem is takin requsts nao