Forum Profile Glitch


Your username: happyfacegirl

What kind of device are you using?: iPad mini - i dont know the generation

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was looking at @Liza's profile, and then mpst of the information was wrong.

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Click on her profile
2. stuff like last post and last seen is wrong

I expected this to happen: shows accurate information

But instead this happened: shows inaccurate information

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

P.S. Why can't I create tags anymore? I am a regular...


I've noticed that too! I was wondering but I never posted anything about it.


I have seen this too! And only with Liza :0


I think it's only Liza for some reason. O_o

This happens sometimes, and I have no idea when or why. XD


I think she's PMing users, as those wouldn't show up in her profile!
Also, tags don't work in #help, but they do in other categories!


Maybe she posts in special leader or mod or admin PMs. That's my guess. :smile:


But this topic is in the bugs category


Wait, can I change this to #collabs real quick to check?


Oh wait, I think a mod or leader said she is sending PMs to flagged users and stuff like that.


Go ahead




Thanks! So only #Lounge and #Collabs work!


Oh, ok. Tanks fer de help!


Oh! You mean the "Last Post"? Liza was probably replying to a PM (private message). Only Moderators and up can make PMs, because we want everyone to be included in the conversation.


The last post was her sending a flag message to someone



you must have gotten regular in like 3 days

KVJ is [totally not] everywhere!

Lol as if. It took me 50 days to get it


That's very weird! 0-0


Yah well it took everyone else here somewhere between 80 days and 150!


Maybe requirements were different before my time