Forum Problems..... Bug?



Hello! I'm having a problem when I write entries/replies in this forum. The writing part is ok, but when I press create topic it tells me I don't have a category. I press select a category and the only one that I can get to is help. Another thing is that when I'm typing, the screen tends to scroll up and down a lot and flash. Does anyone else have this problem?


So go into Create a new topic then well all projects are posted in help i think but at the bottom where is says create topic above it it says add tags so type in what it is then add the tags and it will go to those categories


@SoapyBubbles Always add the catagory 'help'. This will not be seen by others, but remember the tags is how people can find them. They are like the new categories. Also about the screen, this forum is made to work well on a pc, if you want it to stop going to the top, try have am external keyboard (bluetooth), because it seems to be the on-screen keyboard that glitches it out (have not tried this yet though!).


@SoapyBubbles this seems to be part of a problem with iOS 8 I think:


I get stuff very similar :rage:


I will see if I can get rid of the dropdown, its not needed here.


Like @ColeDJ said, we decided to put everything in one category since they were kind of overlapping. A question that asks someone to look at your code might also be a "howto". We thought it would be easier if you could give things multiple tags, rather than one category.

What do you think, @SoapyBubbles?


Ok. This makes more sense. I think it would be easier though if all the tag options were showing, like in the hopscotch app!


This happens to me. We just have to roll with it.


I just made a change (and deployed it). If you only have 1 category, you get no category selector :slightly_smiling: should make it easier to use here.