Forum Nuking -- Bug Fix Soon!



Hey Hopscotchers! @William04GamerA and I reported the nuking ability to discourse. They have just fixed it, so now there is a limit to how big the text font can be. An update to the forum will arrive shortly:


ah I wanted see how many times it can repeat using JS, but it doesn’t work here :0




Awesome :ok_hand::ok_hand::+1::+1:



What how small can I go?anyway that’s good



Yeah, this is great!


Yep! No more nukems


very small


That’s so small, I can’t even read it

Oh wait, “very small” ok


I feel like come back to a nuke of notifications lol @BlastFusion :joy:


I’m a little comfusedo?..


It’s me Jonny we haven’t left yet :P

Since I’m gone 3 days I’m probably gonna come back to a bunch of notifs uh oh :joy:


Thought you were at camp :rofl:


It’s a 3 hour drive up to the mountains :smile:
Leaving right now actually

Bye duuuudes!!!


See ya man! Have fun :ok_hand: