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I was wondering what other people’s nicknames were. Even if you haven’t used this nickname for a year, share all the nicknames you have ever used…and put them on this list. This topic will probably die in 10 minutes.

HopscotchRemixer- Scotch,ScotchTape,OHR
photographer123- photo, photo, graphey, photy
Ihasfluffycupcakes - Fluffy/Floofy/Fleefy/Flippy/Fluppy/Fnucky/Flyer/Flopper/Flurffeh
William04GamerA - Gamey Chez (suggested by someone I don’t remember right now on @BB-Box’s nickname topic
Paige1212 -Paige Paigey dictionary (I came up with that one)
Kayro- the one and only, Master Kayro, Kay Kay, Ro Boat, Kaywalker (that was one time and it was surprising), Kay, Shadow, Kaylo Ren, Kayzy


Please SYBP


The one time I forget…


Um I just use the first word in people’s usernames.


Lis u can put ur nicknames like ummm
Lisie lis lisbetty bettylis and others
Oh and lisa and betty ummmm
And many more
Oh and :3




My forum nicknames:
(Paige gave me Lis, Bettylis,lisabetty,and applepotatodestroyer)


I shall now explain some of my nicknames…
Kaylo Ren- It was during Halloween of this year and it kinda slipped in once or twice in one of my conversations and then they changed it back to Kayro.

Kaywalker- I was doing quotes from Star Wars and some one was like “dang Kayro u is a Kaywalker.” Then they called me it once again I don’t know how long ago that was. There might have been a space though.

The one and only- My friend and I planned on having a YouTube channel and they joined the forum and called me by my intro. We never did get to making the channel.

Ro boat- everyone knows the row row row your boat song right? So yeah that’s it. That’s how I got that one.

Kayzy- a cute name some one gave me. I said it should have been Kaysy like Daisy cause I am amazing like Daisy Ridley.

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