Forum new user tutorial problem


I was looking through the badges when i noticed that 151 out of 4026 users have recived the badge for completing the new user tutorial. Maby make pepole take it? Or at least tell them about it when they join.


They take it when they join. New accounts get pied by Discobot.


I don’t remember recivimg it. Idk maby i just dident notice.


Huh. Kinda hard to miss, you have to open it. Maybe there was a glitch?


I never received I it either. I just took it a while ago (couple weeks maybe)


So i scroled through my notafications and found it but i still eon’t get why so few peple took it


take the @discobot start new user


You joined before it.

Like me.

I actually was the first on this forum to complete it.


Because we don’t get many new people. And some old people didn’t take it.


Yeh i took it Already


Oh great discobot now is making me take it.




Because most people joined before it was implemented.


What yeer was that? I can see it was may 30 (cause thats when the first peple got the badge)


Umm no one needs to know about how I might have just gotten certified badge right now…


Many users joined in 2016, or very early 2017, though a few joined in 2015. Not to mention, many users are extremely inactive and at least a thousand forum accounts are dead accounts which have never been used.


HEY I was in the middle of it before


There a thing were i can see how many users have been active in the last 100 or so days?


I’m not sure.


Last 30 days there were 432 active users and 98 users joined i think. It just says users so i’m asuming its users joined