Forum Message...Things


Thing randomly started in @Gilbert189's topic.

We send forum things (jumpyduckz, system, etc.) to our irl friends that don't know about the forum/Hopscotch.

Then post their reply here!

If this topic is weird... I dunno, ask Iguana Squid Overlord Jumpyduckz Jr. XD


- Blur/crop out names and other personal information

- Don't ask for numbers/emails/etc. on the forum

- Only do this with people you know in real life

- Be appropriate

Be safe peeps.

Make Smishy Die...LIVE :000 (giving compliments to smishy show with host Disky :D)


@Gilbert189 y you do dis why must you betray me like dis


I'm going to do it to my fren now XD


Wut but HOW?!?!?!?!?!???!!!!!???!?? Do u guys know each other IRL?


I need to do this to sister!!!!!!!!!


is that on messages


Gilbert: Creative Disk
Friend: Lamborghini

Me: ...


No, this is my friend, she doesn't know about the forum/HS. :D

@SimplySouthernGurl, yes. :D


Yes it is


My friend is mixing our inside jokes with the forum jokes this is fabulous


Gilbert I sent a text to my irl fren, waiting for a response XD


Oh sry it thought it was CC lol


I should totally do this! :D


no lol


For an extra challenge, name a group chat something forum related! :laughing:


@Gilbert189 can u please please please change my title to:

I may be sweet but my sweet tea is sweeter!

please please change it to that it would be like the best thing ever it would make my day


Sorry, I can't do that, and mods don't take requests. Also, that's off topic. :grimacing:


I cant do this atm because all my frens are at school
Im home for reasons im not sharing because it will make you scared of headaches


why can't you do it I thought you were a leader and leaders can do it