Forum Maintenance Scheduled Wed 8/25 - Fri 8/27

Hey Hopscotchers,

We are working on reforming the Collabs, Requests & Competitions category starting on Wednesday 8/25 (scheduled to end on Friday 8/27). What will happen during this period of time is that we will be moving posts around, editing posts, closing/archiving them so that we will have three new categories:

  • Competitions & Events
  • Shops & Requests
  • Hopscotch Collaborations

[update] During these three days, You will not have access to the current Collabs, Requests & Competitions category to avoid receiving a tremendous amount of notifications.

All the collaborations that are over will be closed and archived.

We will update new guidelines for all three categories above on Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. Thank you to all the @Leaders for this big project!

– Yuanyuan


For anyone who doesn’t know how to mute the category:

(You can click this link to be taken to your category notification preferences:, or you can follow steps 1&2 to arrive at the same page.)

  1. Go to your profile settings by clicking on your notifications, then heading to the icon of the person and clicking “Preferences”:
  2. Head to Notifications > Categories. It’s a button on the left pane.
  3. Remove Collabs, Requests and Competitions from any other categories you have it set to, if you’ve set it previously.
  4. Type “Collabs”, click the first popup, and then save your changes!

You could also mute the “Deprecated” category too, in case topics are ever moved there.

I’m excited to see the new changes! But there’s going to be a lot of topics being moved/edited from the old category to the new ones, and that means you might get hundreds of notifications sent to you if you have the Collabs, Requests & Competitions category set to watched/tracked.


I have removed and closed the topic so that people can find steps to mute the category easily. Thank you all for your attention to this : )

We have made a change and decide to temporarily restrict access to the Collabs, Requests & Competitions category for the three days. When we’re moving the topics, it’s very likely that you will not be able to check those topics anyways, so we decided to lock it for everyone to have a smooth transition and finish as soon as possible.


All Questions and Answers Topics will be moved to #random-stuff
However, the change described in the post above will not apply to this category, so mute this category as well or expect notifications


Hey yall,

We’ve seen a few people attempting to create collaborations, beta testing topics and events during this maintenance period.

We are requesting that you not do this.

Per this maintenance update, we’ve restricted access to the category, which means that topics belonging in that category (aka one of the exciting new ones too!) can’t be created elsewhere as theyre in the wrong category and can be spammy.

In addition to this, it makes an already tedious process that much more difficult; if we have these topics popping up everywhere, then we have to clean the entire forum and not just this one category. As such, its more work for us but its also a longer wait for you – the maintenance will go on for longer and youll have significantly more limited options for what you can do in that period

Because of this, you cannot create a new topic that would belong in the old #collabs-requests-competitions category. If you do, the topic will be moved with the rest and inaccessible until maintenance is over.

We appreciate your patience during this period. Let us know in the Leaders Q and A Topic if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Hey there,

Thank you for your patience while the forum revamp. The @Leaders have been working tirelessly to make this happen. Now, the Hopscotch forum will have three new categories to replace the old Collabs, Requests & Competition category:

  • Shops & Requests
  • Collaborations & Beta Testing
  • Competitions & Events

1. Shops & Requests

  • All of the new topics related to shops, currencies, requests, and commissions will be in this category.
  • You will need to include the disclaimer (refer to the community guideline for more info) if your shop/request includes seeds or other currencies on the forum.

2. Collaborations & Beta Testing

  • All of the new topics related to collaborations and beta testing will be in this category. This new category is created to help people collaborate in Hopscotch projects in a more private and secure way.
  • It is against our community guideline to set this category to Watching/Tracking. You can browse all the public topics here, but you should not watch any unlisted topics if you’re not a part of the collab or beta testing. The leaders have a way of checking who’s watching the category and topics, and you will receive a community warning as a result.
  • All new topics (after August 27, 2021) in this category will need to be approved by a moderator. You will need to fill out a template when you create a topic. Incomplete answers will not be approved for unlisted topics. Your request will be handled within 24 hours (potential longer delays during weekends and holidays).
  • A user can only create/own ONE unlisted topic at a time. This means that if you are the owner of open unlisted topics currently, you will need to close them before you can request/start a new one. (Scroll down to FAQ for more info)

3. Competitions & Events

  • All of the new competitions and events on the forum will be in this category.
  • You will need to include the disclaimer (refer to the community guideline for more info) if your competition/events offer prizes such as seeds/plants/likes/follows/other currencies on the forum.

:astonished: FAQ :thinking:

Why does my topic have to be reviewed and approved even if I’m making a public collaboration/beta testing?

  • We have made the category setting this way so that we can give everyone a chance to start a private collaboration. It’s definitely an inconvenience, so thanks for your patience!

Can I have one unlisted collab AND one unlisted beta testing at the same time?

  • No. You can only be the owner of one unlisted topic at a time after August 27, 2021.

I know people who own multiple unlisted topics right now! How is this fair?

  • Our rule regarding limiting one unlisted topic to forum users starts on August 27, 2021. All existing unlisted topics will remain unlisted. However, those people won’t be able to create any new ones until the older ones are all closed.

Why can I only create/own one unlisted collab/beta testing at a time? What if I need to test my game while I work on an unlisted collab?

  • There are two reasons:
    The first one is our moderation capacities. We do not have enough resources to moderate a large number of unlisted collaborations/beta testing.
    Secondly, we believe that it would be most productive for people to complete one project before advancing to the next. If you don’t plan on finishing a collab/beta testing, you can close it, and then you will be able to request a new one.

I started an unlisted topic, can I still be a part of @Unicorn123(any user)’s unlisted collaboration/beta testing?

  • Yes, you can be a part of someone else’s unlisted topic since you’re not the owner.

@Unicorn123(any user) started an unlisted collab with me, can I still create my own unlisted collab?

  • Yes, since you’re not the one who started the unlisted collab, you’re not the owner of the unlisted topic, so you will be able to request one for yourself.

How many people can I include in my collaboration?

  • As many as you’d like. However, if the discussions get chatty/unproductive/spammy, we will close it down and you might receive a community warning. Be responsible for your topics!

I found a lot of beta testing topics in Debug My Code category. What’s going on? Should I report these to the leaders or tag them?

  • No, let them be. They’re old topics.

I found this old collaboration topic in the Competitions & Events category. Should I report to the leaders?

  • No, let them be. They’re old topics.

What would happen if I open a shop topic in the Competitions & Events category?

  • We will move your topic to the right category. Repeated actions will receive a community warning. Please do not attempt this and respect our leaders’ time! They work hard to keep all the categories in place.

I found a way to set the Collaborations & Beta Testing category to watching. What would happen?

  • You will receive a community warning because we have a way to check this. We know there are ways to change your notification setting. However, please respect your fellow Hopscotchers! We made this so that people have a better way to collaborate and test their projects. Think about how you’d feel if people keep chiming in to your unlisted collaboration/testing.

Feel free to direct any questions to the forum leaders or tag @yuanyuan. You can also send an email to