Forum links are blocked by the filter



So I was trying to reply to someone that was new and I was copying all the topics and then I hit reply and this popped up
I don’t even know what this means
If anyone know about this please let me know


The forum has a bug that censors most words starting with f and ending with k, which is the case with your link if you look closely. A solution could be to use an URL-shortener like or similar. It will redirect to the link, but give you a shorter URL that most likely won’t be censored.

I hope that this clears everything up :smile:


It happens because it doesn’t want you saying the f wor.d. It’s why you can’t tag Fredric. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.


Ok guys thanks for your help


@ana @rodrigo can you close this


Forked forkes …


Yeah, sometimes this can get annoying. Sometimes when I try to put images, the link to the image is banned, so I just have to not post the image. Hopefully THT can find a way around this!


To post a link to a topic, just remove the title. Here’s this topic as an example.
You could also just remove any k’s.




Yeah, @William04GamerA is right. And if I look closer, I see the letters of a bad word in order in your link. That’s probably why.