Forum Liking Bug


Everytime I try and like on the forum this pops up:

I've closed out and reopened and it still happens. I just want to let @Liza and the rest of THT know.

Have you had this bug?

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Dis bug seems familiar to me


Yeah, I've had this! :~:

It's weird...


BTW I noticed dat your device is on low battery


It usually is a wifi problem or someone deleted a post


You have no wifi, check your screenshot! :slight_smile:


No I had wifi it was buggy last night and was coming off and on and off and on. I turned it back on and refreshed, (now had wifi), and it still wasn't working.

It worked this morning again tho, so I dunno.


Maybe the post was deleted while you were liking it.
Well, it works now! :slight_smile: