Forum, Keep the drama down


Ok so I'm not pointing fingers here but,

We need to keep the drama down

There has been too many suspensions these past months and really hurts our community. Drama has been overcoming this forum, and it still lingers on, with more suspensions then ever these past months.

Follow the community guidelines.

Or the FAQ

I know myself that I've been causing a bit of drama recently and I would like to say sorry to the community and what I've done.


Totes agree!
You are a grate member of da community, @Razor! If I'm not being frikin cheesy


Thanks! Your one of the most positive! :D


I sure have faith in this community


I agree 100%. :D


I agree :DD


I agree 120% :DDDDDD


Well, guess what? I agree 121%


I agree infinity percent >:3


I agree infinity and one percent!


That's not possible >:)


Sure it is >=D


K bot

but I agree infinity and infinity and infinity% k now bye


I like this!


I agree 22 units more than anyone else.


Siriusly though great topic


I agree by the percentage number of plonks in a teraparsec AKA 19290000000000000000000000000000000000000000
So I agree 19290000000000000000000000000000000000000000%
Long story from school...