Forum Ideas and Improvements


Hi guys! It’s me @_sylvia_H.S / @Popkea_H.S. Today, I am going to do a topic especially for the leaders and creators of the hopscotch forum’s attention. This might be similar to other people’s topics but I would like to make a topic about improvements and ideas for the forum. It could be a new category idea or more badges. If you want to talk about that, you are in the right place! Hopefully, we can convince them to implement our ideas. Mine would be to bring back trending.


Nice idea for a topic. I am going to put it on “Watching” so that I will receive notifications for each reply. About trending, this is something that we leaders can´t bring back ourselves. You need to ask THT. The best way of doing that would probably be to email them at


So sharing your town name is not allowed, so why’s there a location area in your profile?


add a fun message. or country/continent?


Because it’s a common feature across all Discourse forums, and I don’t know if it’s able to be disabled.


so when you get flagged you get an automatic message, maybe personalize them based on the flag.


Great topic, but idk how much THT can control. They branch off of discourse


Most people don’t put there actual location in


Maybe a category for new projects


That’s what Meta Hopscotch and Open Source Code are for. You could also post them in your GT