Forum Idea: Weekly "Update" Topics




I recently had an idea, talked about it on my general topic, and they suggested that I create a topic for it, as they all thought it was a good idea and something that should be talked about and developed.

Something I have always wished for was that we could be updated monthly. Whether from one of the moderators or the curators, I always wanted to know what THT was up to. Sometimes, they go 3-4 months without creating a new topic or releasing an update, and that always leaves me wondering what they are up to. Something has to be keeping them busy, of course.

Now, I am not suggesting that they need to create a daily or even weekly update. But simply a monthly update that is short, brief, yet detailed, would be great. They can be forum topics created once a month by one THT member. In the update, it can clearly state what THT has been working on on the app. For example, updates soon to come, new tutorials that are on the rise/being developed, changes to the algorithms, and so on. It could even include polls. THT is always trying to get the input of the community, and polls in these monthly updates about certain issues could be a great way to do this.

Let me know if you can add to this idea in any way!


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I responded to your post original post and I agree. This would be an amazing idea!


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