Forum Hypotheticals Game!



So, this is a forum game where we come up with a funny “what if” scenario for the forum and play around with for a bit then move on to the next one.


What if the forum was a forum for gangsters

What if you could delete other users’ posts

What if this was a scratch forum instead


Don’t take any of these seriously, nothing here is a legitimate suggestion

No sarcastic scenarios like “What if people didn’t make these spam topics like this one” or “what if people followed the rules”

No limess

Have fun!




What if the whole forum contained spam topics. Wouldn’t that be awful?


This is what I’m saying.


I edited it to be more specific

Also, @Yusamac205 we’re coming up with scenarios that aren’t true


I’ll start you guys out

What if the forum was Pokemon Go

“You caught a KVJ!” (KVJ replied to your post)

“WHAT?! BipolarBear is evolving! BipolarBear evolved into Glowwy!” (I bet you can guess this one)


@LunaMorgana387 come one make something clever with forum go


Hey I was here spam liking here and now you call me?
I am sleepy…

What if Forum Go had a Moderator 4 (Elite 4) and if you defeat them you could be a Leader?



Yeah what if the leaders were gym leaders

Actually, no. Each topic would be a region, the first post is the gym, the creator is the gym leader.



Help I Thought This Topic Would Be More Active

Oh Well I’ll Wait


Yeah, that’s a good idea. me super sleepy
My wrist hurts :\


Strange, mine too

I don’t know why, I haven’t draw today


Is bc I fractured my wrist (IDK if it is broken :\ )
That’s why XD



I hoPE yoU gET betTER thEN


Thx. The first thing that I have to do when I get back from vacation is to go to my doctor
For now:



When I saw that at first, I thought it was the thing you put on your hand when you use a drawing pad


Anyway, LGBOT, if you can remember what that means


What is that?

I can’t remember right now, I don’t function well in sleepy mode


Wut no XD
I don’t normally draw


What if no one used the forum. We all just left. No new users, no new topics, just barren wasteland