Forum Help for Beginners


Just started out on the forum? Stressed about rules?
No problem! Here are some tips on the forum!

Be nice, always. Use respectful language, assume that everyone is just as smart as you are, and don’t call people names. Pretend that you’re speaking to a friend face-to-face :smile:

Keep your personal deets private. Don’t share your last name, email, number, where you live, or school. It’s okay to share your first name, age, and Hopscotch name. Don’t ask anyone to share their personal info.

Be generous. It’s awesome to know stuff. Share what you know with others whenever possible. How would you want someone to teach you? Be like that.

Be humble. Ask questions and learn from others. If you disagree with someone, disagree politely.

Keep it clean! Don’t post something you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. If you see inappropriate content, please flag it. Don’t reply, cause this just gives the author the attention they crave. Flag it and it will be removed.

Keep it relevant! Add to the conversation by responding directly to the question posted in the topic, or reply as a linked topic to lead the conversation in a slightly different direction. Don't use the forum to ask for followers, likes, or other topics that aren't about using Hopscotch.

This is from the community guidelines. These tips from @Liza are helpful for beginners!

If you need to tell the Hopsoctch system something, email them or use these tags. Make sure to put the "@" in front to make it a tag!:


These are the people you should tag if there is ever a problem!
If you need help from someone that's not part of the Hopscotch team, but is a mod (which is someone who is at the highest trust level and also can shut down topics!), these are the people to tag!:


Here are the trust levels on the forum and their descriptions:

New User
Basic User

  • When your trust level is New you have limited replies

  • After a day, when your on for a few minutes or so you get Basic

  • When you stick around for a few days to a couple weeks you get Member

  • After 50-100 days you get Regular

  • You earn Leader and Moderator manually (and usually you were on the forum for a long time)
    {mods have shields next to their usernames}

  • And only the Hopscotch Team and Discourse members get Admin

I hope this has helped you out! By the way, on your first day, you will run out of replies! On your second, you get unlimited replies!

In the top right hand corner, you will see a circle with a letter. Press that and press the gear in the rectangle that will appear! There you can add a custom picture, add a background, give a summary of yourself, see the likes and posts you've given and received, see who you have liked and replied to the most and who have liked and replied to you the most! You can look back on all your past likes, posts, and topics you have created and given. You can also see the achievements you have and the achievements you can have!

I hope this helps you on your first days of the Hopscotch forum! Tag me anytime. Just type @HappyPerson! I will respond!

Happy coding!


Hi I'm new :0000
.....I'm new to the forum
Hello, and welcome
Welcome to the Forum Combo! :D
Hi does anyone know how to use the forum. I’m still New sooo I need help :/ please comment if you know how to use the forum. Thanks!
Hello... I am new to this Forum
Hello I'm new can I have some help
I finally got the forum!

Great topic! I'll quote this in the future!
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This is a great tutorial! =D I'm sure it will be really helpful for new users!
@PianoGorilla2006 @ptheater2006 @ScarySweetheart, try reading this!


Thank you so much!

For beginners:

It's nice to have a topic, like, or reply appreciated, but don't go around bragging about it. This could hurt other's feelings and you could get in big trouble! When this happens, thank that person and move on. You don't want to make a big deal out of it, or it could draw bad attention to yourself!

Thanks for the great example of kindness! What @IKeudin and @BellaWafflez17 did were some of many kind gestures and praises you'll get on the forum. Everyone is super nice and will help you with everything you need.

Sometimes there will be bad people, and it's our job to stop them! Stopping meanies will keep the forum safe and make you feel good about yourself!

The forum is one big happy community (so is Hopscotch!) and we will keep it that way!


GREAt tutorials!

Saw that edit


Thank you guys so much for the support!

For beginners:

On the forum, we always have collabs and coding groups going. Finding a coding partner is easier than finding a bird in a tree! Everyone is super supportive and we're all good sports. We stick up for each other and we don't take credit for what is rightfully someone else's idea.

@KVJ, @IKeudin, and @BellaWafflez17 are showing how supportive we can be! Try to be supportive and we can have lots of fun on this forum! We are all friends!


All true in there! :thumbsup:


Before I made the edit, I wrote "collars" instead of "collabs"! :joy:

For beginners:

You can always edit your posts by pressing the pencil icon. If you want to show what someone wrote something, then reply to them (with the reply button). Press the speech bubble in the tool box above the work space and erase the text you don't want. Don't erase the text in the brackets though, or it will mess it up!

Also in the toolbox, you can bold and italicize your words with the letters next to the speech bubble. The symbol with the arrows and the slanted line means you have a pre formatted phrase.

The chain is where you can leave a link to an APPROPRIATE website. The capital H means you can create a heading that has large font and is bolded.

The rectangle with the arrow shooting up means you can download a picture or a gif (a little video that repeats itself over and over again) into your post.

You can add bullet points and numbers for listing. The gear gives you extra options. You can write a spoiler but have it blurred. You can make a poll where people can vote for something, or you can hide the details to something super cool!

That's the tool box!


Umm I made a topic kind of similar...


Please could you add my HSB and RGB Guide to this, I think that it would help newbies, I'll tag you into it!


Thanks for the cool idea, @IKeudin ! Get it, because you are a polar bear?
Never mind…

Thank you, @IKeudin for this!

For beginners:

Sick of hearing about HSB and RGB but don't actually understand what they each stand for? Well, help is at hand! There are lots of topics where you have to read through every single comment, here is one that you can screenshot and refer back to! Here is the Hopscotch link for my HSB guide:

Hue, Saturation and Brightness

Hue: Hue is the colour. They range from 0 through to 360. They are also ordered through the rainbow.
Red: 0
Orange: 45
Yellow: 55
Green: 70
Blue: 165
Purple: 250
Pink: 300
Red: 335
Saturation: Saturation is how intense the colour is. 0 is white and 100 is strong colour. This is how colours become pastel.
1-40 is pastel colours.
Brightness: Brightness is, well, brightness... 0 is black and 100 is white. Brightness is also affected slightly by the saturation.
Red, Green and Blue

This ranges from 0 to 255. Pure red would be R:255 G:0 B:0, it's the same with green and blue. Here is a simple colour wheel for RGB:

Unlike HSB, RGB is hard to make up your own colours, I recommend this website:
I hope this helps!


i did. but thanks. :slight_smile:


You're welcome! =D