Forum Help(for beginners and for useful tips and tricks!)

Welcome to the Forum Help Topic!

If you see someone new come onto the forum direct them to this topic! It will help them learn the basics about the forum! This reply is on Global Edit so if you want to add your own stuff feel free to!

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Very Beginners

Welcome to the Hopscotch Forum!

Some of us like to call it HSF! This is a friendly environment where you can talk about coding and anything Hopscotch related. You will make a lot of friends fast if you are nice to everyone. Try meeting some new people and making friends with at least three of them! To reply to someone hit the Turquoise-colored button at the bottom of the screen that says “Reply”. Type out what you want to say and then hit the button that says “Reply” again!


Assuming that you have met a few people here and there you are finally ready to dive a little bit deeper. While basic really gives you the most crucial part of the forum, posting, you are still locked to go into some areas and doom somethings. Getting basic pretty much means you have hung around for a little while.

Your Profile

Your profile show cases everything about you. From forum stats to your short Auto-Bio there are a wide range of things you can customize about your profile. If you want to customize your profile you will have to go to “Preferences” click on your PFP(Profile Picture) at the top right of your screen. A box should appear with some text in it. Ignore that text right now and click on the gear right next to the book mark icon. From here you can change your profile picture to any saved images on your device or images from the internet. (You are not allowed to have any inappropriate Profile Picture or reveal your face. Along with this don’t share any personal information about yourself. Don’t even share your name without Parental permission. Trust us, there’s a reason!) You can also write your own auto-bio and also set your user and profile card background. Your user-card background is showed when someone is previewing your profile(when they click on your PFP above your reply). Your profile background is the background you see when you go into their full profile.

Replying Tricks


Quoting someone is taking something from what another user has directly said as proof of something. To quote someone highlight something they have said and you will see a small button that says quote below it. If you click on it it will bring up a new reply with the quote in it.

Viewing What You Are About To Post

When you are in the reply screen there are a few main parts of it. The left main side is where you can type all of your text (as well as HTML, Markdown, and BBcode) the main right side shows you what your reply will look like. Above the left side of your typing screen is a bunch of pre-made HTML which will help turn Text into certain fonts, thicknesses, etc.


Most people on the forum are members, You get all the basic functions pretty much. You can now view the Random Stuff category, which is nice because the majority of topics are made there. You can also now edit global edits created by Regulars. You cannot lose member once you get it.


Regulars is a special trust level. You can lose it after you get it, and getting it has a specific set of requirements that you would need to complete in 100 days. Pretty much all the active people on the forum who have been here for at least a few months will have regular. You get the ability to change title names and categories, which the title should only be changed with permission, or if it is inappropriate. Changing categories should only be done if a topic is in the wrong category or there is a flame war. Regular can be taken away by flags, or if you don’t fulfill the requirement continuously. Also you get access to the Lounge category, which only Regulars and Leaders can view and post in.

More On Category and Name Changing

Changing The Category Of A Topic
If a topic is in the wrong category, you have the ability to change it. Don’t misuse the ability. You can’t get reported. Also, if there is a big arguement(commonly called Flame Wars) you can move the topic into the Lounge or Random Stuff category(news and basics can’t access random stuff, and no one except for regulars and leaders can access the lounge)
Changing The Name Of A Topic
Sometimes people like for other people to change the name of their title. First could be that they aren’t regular and title editing is expired for that topic, unless you are regular. The other is sometimes people like to put compliments in other people’s General Topics. Remember that this should only be done with permission, or proper judgement if you are trying to edit an inappropriate title.

Global Edit Function

Global Edit is a function you get when you become a regular. This means on posts you make, you can turn them into Global Edit, allowing anyone to edit it. You can also remove Global Edit from your own posts.

Renaming/Recategorizing Topics

Once you become a member you can rename and re categorize topics. Generally you don’t want to rename a topic without permission from the person making the topic. You can recategorize a topic if you don’t think it belongs in that certain category.

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I have a question although I am not a beginner…
I want to delete my account and all of my posts completely due to hacking issues and privacy issues. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do that?
I would sign up with a new e-mail and so on.

No I don’t believe so…I only think you can delete your account when you are basic

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THT would have to do that for you, if you really want to. Please don’t leave though!

You can email them at and then will respond as soon as they can.

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Guys I signed up like ten minutes ago…Can someone tell me how to use the forum?