Forum Guide For Members And Basic Users — I’m still editing this

I’ll be constantly editing this.

I know there’s already a ton of forum guides out there, but people aren’t SBYPing, and they don’t see the guides because they’re all old, so it might be good to have a more recent one.

Forum Guide For Members And Basic Users

This forum guide is geared towards basic users and members who already have some experience with the forum, but would like to learn more.


Preventing a flame war

Most users have probably seen at least one flame war.
And everyone must hate flame wars, so here’s some tips to prevent a flame war.

  • Be that neutral person.
    Don’t take a side. Be neutral.

-If you have an opinion, say it nicely.
Say opinions nicely. Compare these two opinions from different sides of an argument.

ItzSoFluzzy said:
Dogs are the worst! They’re so slobbery and gross!

LolMaster said:
I don’t like cats because they can be feisty. I prefer dogs.

LolMaster said his opinion politely, compared to ItzSoFluzzy’s rash opinion, which dog lovers may feel insulted by.

How To

Hide your profile

Many people have been doing this lately.
I don’t know why, but anyways, here’s how.

Step 1
Go to your account preferences.

Step 2
Go to the Interface tab in your account preferences.

Step 3
There should be checkboxes. Check the one that says “Hide my public profile and presence features.”

Get System to give you more likes

Persuade @system to give you more likes when you’re out.

Step 1
Tell me how! I need this!

Step 2
I don’t know how.

Get the Advanced User badge

Earn the Advanced User badge.

Step 1

@discobot start advanced user

Step 2
Discobot will send you a PM (private message) and will take you through a step-by-step tutorial. Complete the tutorial, and you’ll earn the Advanced User badge.


This is a really good guide for new forumers! Each category is really well-explained and detailed. Good job!


Just a quick question: I know where to find requirements for different trust levels, but:
“Admins can change these thresholds by searching for TL3 in site settings.”
What are the ‘thresholds’ for this forum to be TL3? @Ana @Rodrigo


@tankt2016 are you still editing this?

It’s a useful guide


What do you think?

It can be clived


Alright @tankt2016
Let us know if you want it reopened or somethin