Forum GT! (Everything forum-related!)


Hey guys!
Note: This is a recycled topic, so some of the comments may not be relevant!

Hopscotch, as well as the Forum, are very diverse places. We have forumers and hopscotchers from all over the world, as well as very diverse topics and content! No one differentiates people based on where they are from! (Excluding the super cool, super fun Winter Hololympics topic thingy)

That is why I love hopscotch and the forum. I always say because of the community and the people. Which is true and valid, of course. But more then that, it is the fact that we are all super weird and different in our own ways. We all have so much in common, yet we are totally different! We are all coders in some way, whether on hs or off hs. We all share a love for the forum and the community!!!

So what is your favorite part of the forum? Let me know by replying to this topic!

This may be super basic and a bore, however, it is a great reminder why we all code, spend time on the forum, and love the community!!!

Rather than saying what you love about the forum, feel free to comment suggestions, statements, thoughts, or anything/everything forum-related. Think of this as a Forum GT! It is like the Meta-Forum category but on one topic!!!


My Friends


Let me know if you would like to join my tag list!


Hmm. I depends on what type of topics you want to do. More on the forum? Or Hopscotch?


Well, I am talking suggestions on FORUM topics!
I will take any hopscotch suggestions too, but I am more directed to looking for forum topics!


Make a General Topic…instead of making all these other topics. Post your ideas in your general topic


Yeah, I agree with DWAP


I would suggest making a general topic/Q&A topic


Thank you guys for your suggestions!
I already have a GT, where I post project updates and stuff as well as a free area for you guys to ask me questions!
My account mostly consists of topics that really benefit people, such as “Privacy Choices for your Account” or "Hopscotch Rules"
I want to make more of those kind of posts, and less of GTs and Q&As!
Those are great as well, they just don’t interest me as much and there are already so many of them on the forum, that I would love to do something different!


Let’s start fresh!

Please ignore all of the above replies!

Let us begin a new conversation about the forum!

Feel free to share all of your thoughts on our awesome forum! Please don’t be shy! We will all love to hear them!


Am I just crazy or did some of the format change on the forum? Like the button on posts for giving likes looks different. And the blue dot for letting you know if a topic has been posted on has become smaller and in a different place.


Yeh think there was an update


There has been an update.

The likes look different… and other stuff.



I noticed the likes were different on the Discourse Meta a few days ago so I wasn’t surprised actually