Forum Games To Make On Hopscotch



You might have seen it on Hopscotch but if not, this is a topic where we can talk about forum games that we transform and turn into a Hopscotch project. I would like to do a collab and I don’t mind how much people join. For an example, I’ll link some forum games and you guys can comment a new game in mind or you made.

Here’s a link to my Hopscotch project:

Popkea General Topic/ Popkea is very nice!- CoM
Popkea General Topic/ Popkea is very nice!- CoM

Wow, cool concept! :slight_smile:


Thanks! U want to join?


Ok. But I don’t really understand the use of this.


It basically means that forum games, like Would you rather, would be made on Hopscotch so it’s playable on Hopscotch as well.


Hm ima try to code truth or dare…


I might try to turn a forum game into a playable game on Hopscotch, so I’d say yes!


I’m coding truth or dare now lol, if you have any dares or truths you can do irl please reply!


I’ll make an account for the Forum Games ( Forum_Games ). If you made one already, just say it’s WIP and publish on that acc. ( if u want to ) If you don’t want to publish on acc, it’s fine. Since it’s a forum collab, password is ForumGames.