Forum Games Association! Help come up with ideas!



The Forum Game Association

I have seen people on the Hopscotch Forum playing games with each other, like hide and seek. I was wondering if we should invent some forum games to have lots of fun! This will be an organized room to host games and create games

We need people to help invent these games! We also need to have scheduled times on weekends for competitions or epic rounds.
50th Topic, yayayay!


Game Ideas:

Hide and Seek:



Tournaments coming up..


Yeah, none so far


List of people who are apart of the Forum Game Association:



This is for polls and other..


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This is a great topic! I'll join, but only if I can un-join the group in the future if I want to. I also might not always be on when the games take place though.


We actually have forum games


Like I said before, I don't think the hide and seek game thing that @Kayro and I invented will work. People have to go into other people's topic for hide and seek. It is considered spam. And people could get into BIG trouble over spam..


I am not trying to sound mean... I am very sorry if I come off as mean...


No, you're not coming across as mean
We should try to figure out a way for how it will work


Good, cuz I thought I was. Better safe than sorry!

Yeah, I was thinking about making maybe 7-8 Hide and seek topics, only for the people playing the game to go to, but then I feel like it would be restricting, just 7-8 topics to go to leaves you with hardly any choice, and from that, a pattern can be extracted, and after that pattern is known, people will try to break it forming more patterns and then it just wouldnt be as fun.


Yes. I agree and I will not let our game get played.


Is it alright if you all would make separate topics, or at least ask if you can use the topics before barging in to them and spamming "lol I'm hiding from BillyBobJoe xD we wont find me here LOL don't flag"? It's rude and it's also spam.


Funny because it was in the Flag Team topic of all topics, we should ask them to delete the posts to organize it


Hmmmmmmmm.......................I'd actually like to do that! But how are you supposed to play hide-and-seek on a computer?:confused:


I saw some other people doing it on the forum, but it caused some disruption. I was windering if we could make a way to have it less disruptive

By the way, welcome to the forum! I see you joined 2 days ago!


@Liza, I was thinking with all of the new categories that are made, you should add a forum Games category for games around the forum. It'd be a lot of fun and we could play games that were otherwise innaproprate/spam/offtopic for other topics. It'd be a really cool idea and a lot of fun!


@JonnyGamer has u been playing hide and seek?


Or do you know who has? Because of this:


Goldi? Neopixel? Idk?