Forum Fonts/tricks!



This is how to make cool texts like this! or this!

You can scroll this text! filler: Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana  Banana Banana

Add three spaces before you text!

This is a button!
Put "< k b d > before you text without the spaces! and then < / k b d > without the spaces at the end.

this is blue!
Tap the chain button here: and put something random in it then click “OK”
You will get this: replace “enter link description here” with what you want to say!

emphasized text!
Put a * before and after your text!

bold text!
Put ** before and after your text!

a combination of 4 and 5!
Put *** before and after your text!



Put ## before and your text!

That line ^

Big text!

Put "< h 1 > before you text without the spaces! and then < / h 1 > without the spaces at the end you can change the number like this:





That is all! for now! credit goes to all the nice and helpful Hopscotchers who have shown me all this! @Follow4LikesOfficial can you please open this?

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This is a very helpful post :smile: Thanks for sharing this @AHappyCoder!


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@t1_hopscotch, do you get more likes if you become a leader?


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Did it work? Yay it did! Thanks @AHappyCoder! Very Helpful Tutorial! A like for you!


I already made a topic for things like this. Search before you post.


Can you plesae add a link?


And I did search before I made this topic...


It doesn't want to work. It's called Cool Forum Tricks!
Also, I know another way to make glowy text! press "Reply As A Linked Topic" to find out!


I that case I used another way! I think the two topics are related but this one is a compilation of tricks with tutorials


You can also use a tags to do the green thing! :wink:

<a>a tags</a>


I have actually never done this before!!! :smiley::sweat_smile:



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