Forum Fonts/tricks!



I HAD to share this video somewhere, but this is embedding a YouTube video! Just paste the link in! :wink:


I don't remember, I was just finding happy gifs, when I saw your avater and turns out it was a gif I createded on a website ...


Please stay on topic! @Rawrbear I found that video much more sad than funny...


This is it:


@Stampys_fans AWESOME


Why does that video make me want to cry? :cold_sweat:


Thanks @Hoppertoscotch


My gif or @Rawrbear's cat vidoe (and of cuteness overload, or joy, or sorrow ????)


Yeah same...@rawrbear could you please delete that cat post???? I don't really find it funny...


Why? It's not animal abuse, the cat would've ran away if it was! It's a cat's natural instinct to fight! It was just a scream because the cat was feeling playful! :wink:


How did you do that?
He.... is...... awesome!Hello!


@Kiwicute2015 @friendship2468 yep -

From What do user trust levels do?:

But I'm sure there's a setting to increase the like limit so everyone has more likes, which I think should be changed since there's nothing wrong with giving out lots of likes as encouragement – in fact, it's a good thing. I know the pain of running out of likes....

Here's another forum trick: on a new line, put this sign > and type after it for a quote.

The code:
> This forum is awesome

The result:

This forum is awesome


I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, this this

of course this
and this




Wow so cool hello hello hello test



Please do mine to!p I would love it!


@Stampys_fans, with your help, I made a new emoji for the MK38C forum!! Come see @CreativeCoder! :smile:


Youuuuuuurr, welcome, do anything to help a ( digital ) friend :blush::relaxed::smile:


Nevermind it doesn't work.


ummm I found that video rlly cute and funny @rawrbear and omg my puppy was turned into a gif O_O yep deffintly overload of cuteness I was kinda shocked when I saw it lol