Forum Filled with Q&A



@Liza I have seen the forum being filled with Q&A, not asking questions or saying something cool they did on Hopscotch. My opinion is there shouldn't be filling up, but there could be a few. Is there a way to reduce them? Like one mega Q&A?


I noticed that too at the bottom of the page i see this its really annoying


I think the Q&A is kinda cool because you can learn about other people. I like hearing people's stories and ideas. It would be good to roll the Q&A into one thread but I imagine this trend will die down after a bit!


I hope so! I'm not really interested in these kinds of things though.
Can't like so here's a :heart:


Then go to the tag section and mute it and when it's new scroll down a heap go to another topic @Kiwicute2015