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Hi guys!
I made this topic because I think that there are a lot of cool features and tricks on the forum that lots of newer users (including me) could benefit from knowing. So if you know a tip or trick for the forum, post it here!

Hi, I'm new to the forum

First of all, do you have any questions? Have you ever heard of beta testers? Have I just made you curious?


I don't have any questions in particular, but I have heard of beta testers. However, I can't be one because I have Hopscotch on a school iPad.. :pensive:


Oh. I see. You can still do it, do you have your own device?


I have my own device, but it's Android, so I don't think I can do it.


Oh. @Liza, is it possible to do hopscotch beta on android? I know we can't do normal hopscotch, but what about beta?


Unfortunately no. Android requires a different type of coding than iOS


Here is one trick to make this kind of text

Hello, my name is CV Studios and welcome to the
Hopscotch Forum.

All you have to do is tap the space bar four times and type. If you need a new line, tap return/enter and tap the space bar four times again.

To make things easier, there is already abut ton that allows you to do that in the post/comment editor. It's the button sixth from the left. One that looks like this:



How do you do the super tiny subtitles?

#######Hashtags don't help...


the text here


Test Wow Thanks


Oh boy..
This is such an old topic..:sweat_smile:
Brings back memories of my first days XD

So like @GysvANDRegulus said, you can use this code
Text here

But you can also set the size to different numbers to get different sizes.
(I think 10 is the highest you can go)


Thanks! :grin:





I'd like to know how to make those things. XD I don't know what it is callled but when u click it it shows more text


Oh! Do this
[details=(insert gibberish)
(then your text goes here, but you don't need parentheses)


Did it work

I think it did


Thanks a lot! also is there a name for it?

Help me please about this stuff

Hello I am huggingfluffybear!

yay it worked!


I have no idea, but I call it a thingy