Forum Featured!


Hi, so many people have been sad that they didn't get featured in Hopscotch. So now I intirudice you feature in the forum!
What we can feature:
-Nice Post-if you said something nice, post it on the nominations for featured in the forum topic (I'll create it Soon if this topic is Good enough)
-Projects made in HS- yep,just give us the link!
There's like a 50% chance you'll get a forum feature!
So I need help!

Form to join the forum feature group!

User in forum:
R u active?:
R u kind?:
That's all for now!

Nominations for ForumFeatured!

I'll fix the typo in the title.


Thanks! I was rushing


Halp me with the OMTL lol



One sec

Some OMTL peepholes

List (87 tags)


My phone glitches everyone if I copy the OMTL



La Thicks
U is accepted @ReadMyUsername @FoodDelivery


@Hero_Dino I'll be the judge instead :D


For what? Imma confised


Because I have already been featured a few times




Oh I get what u mean


Nuuuuu swcrettt meeeesssaaagfge


Hey Foody! How's Cupcakey?
Silently tags @cupcakemaniac1


Yeah... I'll tell you on your general topic


It would be le thicks. :D



User in forums: BaconStudios
R u active: yes
R u kind always