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My friend is trying to join the Forum, but typed in her email wrong. It now won't let her join as the activation email won't send. Has anyone got any idea of what to do as this is her only email...


IDK what to do at this point cause I'm not the technology person


Use a different name.


If won't let her though because it thinks her only email is in use.


Is your friend's email a school email? It might have some sort of district-only firewall on. Otherwise, email; they'll help you with your friend's problem. :)


If she typed her email in wrong she should be able to remake her account.


Since she typed the email wrong it doesn't count as her email, therefore that email is still available.


@Twizzler and @MiNi already said this, if she typed in her email wrong, she could just type it in correct and choose a different username, or she could email THT like @Rawrbear suggested.


@Twizzler, @MiNI, She's tried and it says the email is in use...


Thanks, it's her personal one but I'll tell her to email :slight_smile:


I don't know what else to do then. Maybe she could create a new email with Google?


Does she have icloud email?


Or another email?


Send a email to THT.


Send an email to they will help you :smiley: