Forum drawing Requests



Below you can ask me for a drawing request on the computer or paper please fill out this form:

Paper or ipad:
Eye colour:
Lip colour:
Hair colour:
Hair style:
Jeans , shorts or skirt:


Paper or iPad: Paper
Eye colour: dark dark brown
Gender: female
Lip colour: um regular ( no lipstick)
Hair colour: dark dark brown
Hair style: 2 french braids
Shirt: turquoise with deep face :smiley:
Jeans , shorts or skirt: Jeans
Extra: purple rectangular glasses (I'm Asian)


Sozz paper is too small cant do lower body


do you have another paper?:stuck_out_tongue: If you don't it's fine if you use an iPad :grinning:


Oops i alredy did it here it is

You may have to rotate your screen


Very nice! Thanks!:grinning::grinning: