Forum drawing chain game! (Giving out free donations of chairs for next 10 to come)(they're made of silver)


No you don't have to be da Vinci to do this

Ok! I have a new forum game!

Here it is:

  1. So I'm gonna post a simple picture I drew, which will be of hopscotchers fighting a bug (like in the code)
    But, I will make it simple so people can get inspiration from it.

  2. So the next person will post a drawing based off of mine, but don't say what it is!

  3. The person after that will post a drawing based off of the one beforehand, and so on

Basically just draw a picture based off the person before your picture
And make it simple so unclear parts can inspire something new

Try to keep it hopscotch related, if it goes a little off topic, it's ok. But try not to go crazy

Ok! Here's the first drawing

Hopscotchers fighting a "bug"


When you fix the bug and publish the project and it gets featured!


When you realize there was another bug


Even better, don't say what the picture is. Then we'll get some random silliness.

I'd like to try this once I have time.

Great topic and idea!


When you try to fix the bug but you are ruining it more


Actually, that would be a good idea

I'll edit it

And thanks!


When you get someone to fix it for you


Yeah! Just mention that it's HS-related and has to stay HS-related... It'll be like a game of telephone!
Maybe we would cut it off at a certain point and compare what the last person thought it was vs. what it was originally supposed to be!

sorry if i seem too bossy, you don't have to implement this... gah



But then there's another one...



Top is before, bottom is after.


Ok ok





You guys liked my post so that counts as coming into the topic




thank ye



I give life to thee topic


I bestow life upon thee topic


i would like a chair

may i receive a chair


We're has this gone?
We're are we?