ForuM depression awareness


so, many people wanted me to make a topic about stuff.

So by now you probably know I and many other people have depression. I made this topic to share our stories I guess.

so I guess my depression was caused by a low point in my life. honestly I haven't been feeling the best and I feel like things are tough. many other people's depressions are caused by the same and/or different things.

throughout the day I am feeling like I'm not that great. I kind of loose interest in things, I feel like I can't do things, and I just overall feel down and moody sometimes. I do get happy at points but I still feel pretty depressed.

I'm really sorry that this is a terrible topic, that you guys have to see me in this state of being, and that some of you guys won't believe me.

Yeah that went terribly.

people interested



Ok, sorry for the earlier "post."

I know lots of people who have depression. I don't have it muself, but I think it's really sad.

Is there any way Iā€” we could cheer you up? :D

You're not the only person who has depression out there.


Sorry your feeling bummed ;-;

Are you talking clinically depressed, sad all the time for no reason, and can't get out of bed sad, because that's very serious and you should talk to your doctor. If your talking just being sad about something and you can't get it out of your head, that's a different thing :)

I hope everything gets better :slight_smile:


I have depression. It's really bad as well, it effects everything and my stories are plain bad...


Feeling depressed is really saddening. I felt depressed for a while but I decided that I was sick of it. Everyday I woke up and felt like nothing! It was tiring, repetitive, and annoying so I tried to make everyday a great day. Then soon things started brightening up. I hope you feel better soon


I don't know. It's weird. I feel weird.
I don't want this to become the center focus of anything, just people wanted me to make the topic

I don't know I'm so confused. My family doesn't believe me so I can't see anyone.


@PopTart0219, I don't have depression myself, but I do cry during the low ends of life. I think you're super awesome and funny. I smile whenever I see you like my post. You're one of my idols. If you're ever sad, just remember that some random girl around the world supports you, and so do your family and friends. The whole community is willing to try their hardest just to see you break a smile.
If you need someone to make you laugh, I'll try my best!


I know that feeling. Confused no one understands. Just forget that, throw it away. Just think I'm off topic by thinking about confusion think about life. You probably don't understand but you time. Forget that! Make everyday a great day! Be happy! Don't think about the bad stuff! For once procrastinate! Please do make days great days!


This entire topic is about to be entire paragraphs about depression


You know what, every day, I'm going to give you a long paragraph on why I think you're super cool. :smiley:


oh no, you'll run out within a week it's really not necessary


No one wants you to feel sad!


Oh goodness well that's a hard case. I only do 5-7 months


Nah jk XD


@PopTart0219 hope you feel better :frowning: I will support u whenever u need me


Everybody is awesome here!

I'm not battling through depression or anything, but you guys need to stay strong. You are amazing. All of you!


Y'all are making me depressed now


@PopTart0219 im on desktop soz


please don't

I don't want others to feel what I'm feeling.


Don't be.