Forum Debate with Others



Ummm.... Summoning @LotsaPizza @CodeLife @OrangeScent1 @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @Ihasfluffycupcakes


Thanks for who edited the title!


Weird we posted someone about code stuff at the same time!


@CodeLife you know you'll get permanently banned if you continue this, stop insulting SGS and you won't have to face this


I did :wink:


Yes! What say right now is very rude!


No she's a regular
And she can easily flag you c:


Ok, CodeLife you have to change it now, SnowGirl Studios art is not bad and she's not a bad person. She has amazing art and she hasn't done anything wrong


The reason cause we posted a topic at the same time talking about how bad you are!


Change it @CodeLife right now! @Liza @admins @Ian @alish


I hope you enjoyed your first and last 20 minutes on the forum again


Can someone do some tags?


I think that this topic is not a very good idea, as it can turn into a fight :wink:. As I think it might already have.


Welp, I'm here. Should I get my flags ready?


I think I know who voted the second option....


I agree.
@CodeLife you stop bullyinf people or you'll be suspended permanently! You're just jealous of snowgirl because she's really good at art.


Yeah but seriously codelife needs to change their preferences!


@AHappyCoder did you read it? It needs to be changed!


True but it would be best to email THT in private!


I don't have email! Otherwise, I would!