Forum Community Guidlines Refresher



Continuing the discussion from Community Guidelines:

I just wanted to remind everyone of the guidelines. It's been a while, and we all need a refresher.

This forum helps you improve your Hopscotchin’ and share what you know to help others.

Help make this forum somewhere where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and encouraged:

Be nice, always. Use respectful language, assume that everyone is just as smart as you are, and don’t call people names. Pretend that you’re speaking to a friend face-to-face smile

Keep your personal deets private. Don’t share your last name, email, number, where you live, or school. It’s okay to share your first name, age, and Hopscotch name. Don’t ask anyone to share their personal info.

Be generous. It’s awesome to know stuff. Share what you know with others whenever possible. How would you want someone to teach you? Be like that.

Be humble. Even Mark Zuckerberg admits that he’s got more to learn. So should we! Ask questions and learn from others. If you disagree with someone, disagree politely.

Keep it clean! Don’t post something you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. If you see inappropriate content, please flag it. Don’t reply, cause this just gives the author the attention they crave. Flag it and it will be removed.

Keep it relevant! Add to the conversation by responding directly to the question posted in the topic, or reply as a linked topic to lead the conversation in a slightly different direction. Don't use the forum to ask for followers, likes, or other topics that aren't about using Hopscotch.

What is important to you? How do you want to interact with others in this forum? Reply with your ideas!


This is, to me, becoming a major problem.
Thanks for the reminder, @PopTart0219!!


No problem! I think we all need a refresher on this :wink:


It's true that we shouldn't post inappropriate information if no one did flagging wouldn't be needed