FORUM CHALLENGE 2- Week of 4/17/17


Hello. If you haven't realized, I will be continuing this series of challenges. I will only come on weekly to post a new challenge.

Good job to-
-ValueGamesStudio (hehehehe)
-braybraylovesmonkeys (name sez it all, frens)
-MR.GAM3R (Cole’s Law: Thinly Sliced Cabbage)
-The Green Banana
- Hermione
- Dolphin_coders
- Elemental_Cat (or we2fd... heheheheheheheh.... heh)(Elemental Wuz Here)
- FearlessPhoenix
...for completing or attempting the previous challenge

So, this week's challenge is the:

Talk in Third Person Challenge!

Basically, talk in third person for a week

example: Snoopy really can't stop coming on this forum. Snoopy shouldn't be on here right now.

Sign your name below to attempt this challenge: NO TAGS PLEASE
-Paige1212! (Fun!)
-MR.GAM3R (Cole’s Law: Thinly Sliced Cabbage)
-DECODECO (He is really pumped up for this challenge)
-PianoMan (PianoMan is glad to see you again, Snoopy.)
-ValueGamesStudio(Beep Beep I'm a sheep)
- ireesescup(sheep sheep i'm a beep)
- currency idk the numbers

Good luck and see you next week

The Pixel Art Club! (PAC-MAN) We teach how to pixel art!

Oh............................................. I kinda made a second topic.....


I don't really get it that much
I wanna join the challange though
I mean participate


Instead of saying "I" you'd say Paige1212
Instead: Paige1212 is so bored


So like for example
Paige1212 went on a Easter egg hunt
Like that??
And in any topic?


Yes and yes
See you all next week


Oh and can you do it more than once


Yes for this week


Ok illl do it now!!!!!!!!
And do you win anything?


No it's just a fun thing to do
Like I did here, I do mention the winners of the last challenge
You could put it in your bio as an accomplishment I guess


So everyone is a winner!


I did last weeks challenge... Stalked @Petrichor, and @TheDrawer.


Yup, see you next week
@FearlessPhoenix if you didn't add your name in the list, I didn't see it so I couldn't copy it here. I'll add your name in for last week's winners but please add your name in the list this time so I can include you :)

Ok I really have to go now
@Paige1212 please answer everyone else's questions if they have any as you know my answers :D


Everyone if you have any questions about this ask me cause @Snoopy is probably doing something else right now
So if you have any questions ask me!


So what is the point of this challenge?


Talk in third person


Awesome! Glad to see you continuing these. MR.GAM3R is excited!


Sorry, MR.GAM3R didn't know. Snoopy didn't say that she was doing these anymore.


I know, but what is the point of doing that?


The challenges are for fun.