Forum chain game: "After that"



Before replying to this topic, I recommend you read the whole topic expect for parts I say other.

You could put anything from "So" to "Then".
So you may be thinking what is that supposed to mean, the title? Well, this is actually a forum game! Here is how to play!
Player one (let's call him A): I like a project
Player two (let's call her B): So I liked the project
Player A: So then I went onto the forum to check the thousand notifications @tankt2016 gave me. :stuck_out_tongue:
Player three( let's call her C): And then I checked the notifications.


Make sure to only type one sentence at most.
Only say positive things, no negativity on the forum!
And, last but not least, no innappropriate stuff! Make sure not to curse, swear or say bad words.
Keep everything Hopscotch or forum related!

OMTL (Do not read)


I shall start!

I went on to Hopscotch


Then I clicked on a featured project


Then I realised it was @MemorableChicken's

@tankt2016, player A seems familiar… almost says what I'd type…


That's because he is you! XD


So I typed: WOAH…0'°



After that, I exited the forum and went into


pokemon go, and then after that


Went onto Hopscotch to check out the amazing Fetaures!

Sorry if I sound offending, but how was that post Hopscotch-related? :wink:


and fount out some tips for the new update!

because you exited the forum ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Then, he obviously used those tips for his first project.

Here is a like! :heart:


After that, his project got on Featured and few days later!:wink:


His activity broke with 1523 likes on the project! :3


So then he decided to go on the forum


Then he saw he had 200 notifications


He was then surprised.


He checked them, and found a @ from Liza


I'm a rebel lol


Which said that he did a great job on his project! Then, he liked the post and


Found another cool notif, which was


A tag in the Summer Contest Extravaganza, so he clicked and it said